Vladimir Beletsky wins six bar competition

26 Oct 2014, 15:12

The last class on 25th Oct in Helsinki was six bar competition held late in the night 6 competitors took part in the class representing Russia, Belorussia, Norway, Estonia, Austria and Belgium. Athletes faced with six bar course up to 145 cm hight. Those who jumped clear passed to the next round where the hight came up. Constant van Peasschen had one down in the first round and left the arena. The 5 riders were clear in the 2nd and 3rd rounds but the fourth one said Goodbye to Markus Saurugg and Tiit Kivisild. The top-three were waiting for the 5th round that was to clear the winner. Maxim Kryna and Dag Ove Kingsrod couldn't take this hight and retired and the one to finish the round with 1 fence down was Vladimir Beletsky riding Griffone who got the victory! Congratulations!

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